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      To wear LEE ANDERSEN clothing is to become Body as Art without the limits of permanence, or the financial requirements of Couture.  

These are the favorite clothes that become treasured–keepers of memories!

Andersen-Becker, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes Lee Andersen Wearable Art clothing at a 6,000 sq.ft. factory at 9010 Maier Road in North Laurel, MD.  

        Artist and designer Lee Andersen came to the United States from New Zealand where she was a celebrated artist turned knit-wear designer.  She has fused her love of complex color and texture with an educated, informed creativity and a passion for art.  She has created a uniquely rich and complex form of functional beauty.  She works with every type of fiber from rough hessian to delicate metallic, high tech plastic, including both natural and man-made fibers, delicate silk sheers, furry knits, fleece, delicate metallic embroidery and more.   Every element of Lee Andersen clothing is considered important, right down to the buttons which are handmade ceramic, real fossils, naturally formed semi-precious stones, enameled, hand formed metals and hand worked wood.

Her fabrics are often designed by Lee and made especially for her. 


Lee’s perspective was developed by art training in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography, combined with history and philosophy.  She was born in New Zealand and is one of six children. Her mother created unique, beautiful clothing and sweaters for her children from whatever was at hand, in the true craft tradition of the country. As a child, Lee cut up her uninteresting, store-bought clothes to reform them into new styles. The special skills of New Zealand women and her own love of knitting and designing led to a business with over 100 home-based hand knitters and a retail location in Wellington, N.Z. selling only original garments. Her spectacular hand knit garments included full length mohair coats and sweaters with over 50 colors in one garment. She sold to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Crown Prince of Thailand, the Queen of Spain, the Cosby Show and Good Morning America.   

         Lee came to the U.S. in 1989 and soon learned that wool knitwear is too warm for the centrally-heated homes and offices of the U.S.  At that point, she started designing and manufacturing wearable art clothing and soon had a following of more than 100 high end boutiques all over the U.S.  

Lee sells to boutiques, direct to customers via her website and through a factory store at Historic Savage Mill in Maryland, 

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