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I love the buzz I get, being in Lee’s brain, when she is creating. Oooohh, yummy endorphins. Lee activates her creativity by setting herself a problem to solve and defining it carefully. She gives herself a time and space to solve it. It usually takes her an hour to ‘get in the flow’ and then she gets quicker and quicker at problem solving. The important part of the equation appears to be having a clean area to work in but with lots of materials to ‘play with’. She spends time gathering the materials that fit within the parameters of the problem she is trying to solve. She collects materials until it triggers ‘critical-mass’. Critical Mass for creativity is an expression Lee’s friend Patti Euler came up with. Patti is the Queen at Queens Ink at Historic Savage Mill in Maryland. Patti has multicolored hair that is also fluffy. I am thinking of being inside Patti’s head next. She also has a small white fluffy dog. I think being inside her dog’s head would be like being on vacation.

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