This hand-crushed cross-woven 100% rayon dress reflects light in a fun, artistic way without being too formal for most occasions. The neckline, armholes and hem are finished with a delicate but lively line using a pearl stitch machine so they follow the free-formed crushed edge.

It is comfortable, flexible and adjusts to many body shapes. Six seams embedded in the crushed texture allow it to float over the curves of the body. It takes many yards of fabric to create the swing bottom and the expandable nature of the garment.

The natural breathable fabric is tightly twisted and steamed. Then heated pressure is applied to give the fabric a crushed ‘memory’.

For reshaping: Adjust the size and shape by spraying lightly with a water bottle and then twisting tighter at the waist and pulling out the bottom edge for a wider hemline. Allow to dry.

For traveling: Twist the dress into a long tube, and then twist again into a figure of eight curl. It will tuck into a corner of your suitcase. Don’t fold it or the dress will arrive with a fold line across it. Whoops! If that happens, hang the dress in the shower and allow steam to gently drop the fold line out of the dress. Alternatively, pat the fold with a damp cloth and re-twist. Allow to dry.

Crushed Dress

$197.50 Regular Price
$167.88Sale Price

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