Crushed Shell


Crushed Shell

  • A comfortable, easy-fitting top that adjusts to many body shapes. Wear alone or underneath a jacket. The scooped neckline, armholes and hem are finished with a delicate line to follow the free-formed crushed edge.

    This hand-crushed cross-woven 100% rayon shell uses fabric with two different colors in the warp and weft. This allows the fabric to reflects light in a fun, artistic way without being too formal for most occasions. The neckline, armholes and hem are finished with a delicate but lively line using a pearl stitch machine so they follow the free-formed crushed edge.

    It is comfortable, flexible and adjusts to many body shapes.

    The natural breathable fabric is tightly twisted and steamed. Then heated pressure is applied to give the fabric a crushed ‘memory’.

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