Nightlee Coat

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  • This beautiful coat, the Nightlee Coat, is created from many shades of black, creating depth and textures only found in a Lee Andersen design. The collar has three rows of fabric. The front bands are made of a black padded, waffle textured fabric, adorned with genuine black lava buttons on one side and black fabric rosettes on the other. The upper body is made of a warm, heavy weight fleece. Beneath that is a lighter weight, but still warm mid-weight fleece. There are two sizable, functional pockets in the front of the coat, made of one of the highly textured fabrics found in the collar and cuffs. The back is made of the heavy weight fleece. The finishing touch is one of Lee’s trademark back patches. This oneis made from the padded waffle fabric and another fabric rosette. The Nightlee Coat is 44” long.