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Lee has sold to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Crown Prince of Thailand, the Queen of Spain, the Cosby Show,  Good Morning America, and several other successful and distinguished women all over the country. 

Even though most of her time is spent on her traditional Wearable Art line,

Lee is quite versed and still enjoys working on special couture dresses and gowns. Working with each customer one on one, Lee designs each dress to meet there specific needs. These specialty pieces are all one of a kind, handcrafted, and perfect for that important "Once in a life-time event."

These custom garments are available upon request.


Lee Andersen, a red-headed New Zealand native, burst onto the Howard County art and design scene 30 years ago. Still teeming with creative energy, Lee is a serial entrepreneur, author, artist, and founder of ManneqART, an arts and education nonprofit organization.

Lee Andersen garments make any woman feel confident, stylish, comfortable, and proud. Combining the complexity of the colors with the feel of alluring fabric, each piece is unique from the pockets to the buttons. Design and fashion interns graduating from Art, Design and Fashion programs apply to work with Lee directly in the Andersen-Becker studio and manufacturing facility.

Lee believes creative problem solving can be taught and practiced. Through her nonprofit organization ManneqART and its two spin-offs, FantasyWood Festival and DoodleHATCH Department Store for Mythological Creatures, Time Travelers and Galactic Tourists, Lee promotes creative problem-solving through the construction of human size sculptures using non-traditional materials. She is now designing and overseeing a 15,000 square foot art installation community-build at the Long Reach Village Center in Columbia.

Lee trained as an artist in everything from drawing, spinning, sewing and knitting to dozens of other creative manipulation techniques. Lee earned her Bachelor of Education from Massey University in New Zealand.


Check out Lee's other Organizations and Projects


ManneqART is a national arts and education nonprofit organization that inspires creativity, teaches problem solving skills, and rewards excellence in the creation of “Sculpture on the Human Form.” We host an annual competition, skill building workshops, public artwork displays, and an annual awards event.

ManneqART ManneqMADNESS is an annual competition held by ManneqART that presents a simple challenge. Create a “Wearable Sculpture” that falls into one of our four themes. Artists from all over the country attend competition day to have their artwork displayed on a live model and photographed and judged on its artistic merits



The FantasyWood Festival is a magical 3 day experience being held in Columbia, Maryland.


Come join us for a walk in the woods with surprises around each corner. Meet mermaids and fairies, watch knights duel and even see a live unicorn!


With 40 specialty vendors, different themed areas, amazing entertainers, and kid friendly activities, there's something for the whole family to enjoy. 



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