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Lee Andersen's

Guide to Color!

Lee Andersen is all about color! Knowing your personal color will help you assemble a wardrobe that really makes you shine!

The following guide will help you find the perfect Lee Andersen garment for your complexion. Don't forget! These are just suggestions.

Color Swatches.png


 Questions to consider:


What color are your eyes?

Is your skin warm or cool?

 What is your original hair color?

What is your skin texture?


What is your Personality Type? 

What kind of Impression do you want to leave? 


If the color is in your irises, wear it! 

How many colors do you have in your irises? 

Do your eyes change color with what you wearing? 

Hint: If you have Multi Colored Irises, try wearing prints. 

Kat Eyes.png
Skin Tone.png


"SEASONS"  were made in the 1980's to help you find the perfect coloring. These terms are not related to actual seasons like warm weather or cold weather.

How can you tell what skin tone you are? 
What color makes you look younger and fresher and healthier? 
What color takes away the shadows around your mouth, your nose and under your eyes?

Test: Drape colors under your chin. 
If you look better with Silver fabric, you are COOL
If you look better with Gold fabric, you are WARM

Winter – Black or Steel Grey Hair, Blue eyes and Light skin.

Wear colors that are cool and strong.

Base color is Black. Strong Red lipstick, Silver Jewelry

Summer – Cool Ash blond hair, no Gold in highlights.

Clear Gray Blue eyes. Tanned skin.

Wear colors that are cool and fresh.

Base color is White. Hot Pink lipstick, Diamond Jewelry

Autumn – Reddish or Brown hair, Gold highlights.

Hazel or Brown eyes. Freckled or Brown skin.

Wear colors that are warm and strong.

Base color is Brown. Coral lipstick, Bronze Jewelry

Spring – Light Brown or Sandy hair, Gold in highlights. Light Brown eyes. Pale, warm colored skin. 

Wear colors that are warm and soft.

Base Color is Cream. Soft warm light Pink lipstick, Pearl Jewelry


Looking at your hair color is the best way to find your personal coloring!

Is your hair Dyed? 
Unless you consistently dye your hair a specific color, using your ORIGINAL hair color is the best way to find your coloring. Pay attention to your highlights, are they warm or cool?

Embracing Grey

Are you exploring a whole new you?

Cool Grey Hair: Black, white, or steel grey hair?

Try a lilac or raspberry

Warm Grey Hair:  Warmer grey hair or some blonde streaks?

Try taupe or grey-green


Is your skin texture changing? Aging skin is not as clear and bright.


WINTER: Try a Charcoal or Navy instead of pure Black

SUMMER: Try a textured White

AUTUMN: Try wearing Prints

SPRING: Try a Taupe under tone?



 Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


Where do you get your energy? 
Alone and quiet, or out with other people? 
How much ‘people’ time do you need?
How much ‘quiet’ time do your need?


Don’t mind attention?
Like conversations with new people? 
Art Clothing is for you! 

Art Clothing makes you look confident, outgoing, interesting and inviting! Try some pops of lighter, brighter, clearer colors! Use them by your face or down the center of your body if you are a little ‘roundy’ and don’t like to draw attention to your shape. 

Can an Introvert wear Art Clothing? Of course!

On Special Occasions you might want to just look ‘beautiful’ for your family? Subtle complex colors or neutrals with a pop of color may be ideal. Add textures and artistic, charming details that show up in a close conversation. Try a poof of textures, like Art buttons or Embroidery.


What sort of immediate impression do you want to make?


In Charge?
Kind and Spiritual?
Casual and Easy Going? 
Thoughtful and Supportive?

Business – Try Red! Red is a classic power color, it really pops against black and white. Burgundy suggests a grounded maturity. Navy suggests corporate controls over power.
Creative – Try Black! Visually creative people often wear black to lessen distractions and have their thoughts uninterrupted.
Kind and Spiritual - Try Turquoise 
Fun – Try saturated hot Pink or strong Lime
Casual - Try faded Burgundy and Blues
Thoughtful and Wise – Try Lilacs and Greys?

Business – Try Raspberry! Add Navy for a more serious look. 
Creative – Try White.
Kind and Spiritual - Try light Turquoise and Sea Foam 
Fun – Try light Hot Pink or light Lime
Casual – Faded light Teal, soft faded Navy, faded cool Pinks
Thoughtful and Wise – Try lighter Lilacs, light Silver Greys, soft Navy

Business – Try Black, warm Charcoal, rich Brown with Navy 
Creative – Try Black with textured Bronze accent
Kind and Spiritual - Try a Turquoise Green
Fun – Try brighter Corals, lime Greens, Golds
Casual – Faded Coral, soft faded Navy, faded Olive
Thoughtful and Wise – Try Bronze, soft Navy, warm Charcoal

Business – Try Navy with an accent of Cream
Creative – Try Cream
Kind and Spiritual - Try light turquoise with Cream accents
Fun – Try brighter Corals and Honey
Casual – Faded Corals, faded Olives and faded Turquoise
Thoughtful and Wise – Try warm Grays, Golds, soft Navy

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If you feel good in a garment it will reflect in your smile.
A smile is the best thing we can wear as it invites one back!

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