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‘Sky Garden’ is part of the ONE collection by Lee-Ann Andersen. Lee Andersen’s full name is Lee-Ann Andersen. Only ONE dress will be made with this name and in this exact style. The dress will be made to order and to fit the person ordering it. You may be looking for a spectacular statement dress for a special event such as a charity ball. Alternatively you may wish to wear the total look once and then split up the parts to wear with other ‘basics’ for multiple events. Different versions can be ordered e.g. a separate skirt, shell and jacket or a separate skirt and top with sleeves, or a skirt, shell or top with sheer sleeves and a wrap. Each version will have its own name and record. There is limited fabric.
If you are interested in this ‘look’ please place an order for this dress. Lee will contact you directly to chat about your particular needs, delivery date and the event you are attending so no other version of this dress will be at the same event.

Sky Garden Couture Gown

$2,510.00 Regular Price
$2,008.00Sale Price