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Clematis Bolero

  • The Clematis Bolero combines sculptural three-dimensional cut out flowers attached to stems in a garden.

    The embroidered flowers and background are created using golds and blues in a classic, elegant color combination of silken threads. Climbing vines and flowers make it an ideal jacket for a summer garden wedding or other special social occasion. The Jacket is approximately 26 inches long. The Bolero is approximately 20 inches long.

    It is shown over a 100% silk dupioni Valentino Skirt in ‘Water’ and a 100% silk dupioni Valentino Shell also in the color ‘Water’.

    This original design includes variations on Clematis vines and flowers. The bottom edge of the jacket has floating cut-out flowers which allow the color of the dress to appear ‘inside’ the embroidery. The Jacket and Bolero work well over mid tone colors in taupe, gold and blue family.

    The neck band, and the cuffs of the three quarter sleeve are  100% Dupioni silk with two different Water color cross threads. The two color weave using a nubby natural silk thread allows both colors to come through. The sides are also 100% Dupioni Silk in a soft neutral taupe which subtly repeats the background of the embroidered panels in a different texture.

    The closure is a small hook and eye surrounded by a pair of hand turned Dupioni Silk roses is the matching Water Silk. Above and below the flowers are delicate beading and metallic gold thread.

    Both the embroidery and the jacket design are exclusive to Lee Andersen.

    Care: Cover with a damp cloth to press. The silk sides can handle a range of temperatures but the embroidered panels cannot! Do not expose the translucent embroidered fabric to a hot dry iron. It will form a wrinkly hole and be unrepairable without replacing the whole panel. Oh No!

    Minor Alterations: Put the jacket on ‘inside out’. Close the hook and eye from the inside. Pin with small gold safety pins along the side seams starting at the high waist. Gently move your arms into a hugging position! Can you still hug? Hugging is going to happen!

    It is better to have the jacket a little loose and comfortable to allow free movement. Your friends are going to compliment you on the color and beautiful embroidery and closures. They are not going to be looking at how tight the jacket fits. They will want a hug! A jacket that is too tight can result in creases and folds and ultimately tears (and tears.)