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Feather Wave Duster

$373.00 Regular Price
$298.40Sale Price
  • Stunning! There really is no other word to describe this decadent garment or the lucky person who will be wearing it! Sheer laces, meshes, embroideries and chiffons in shades of Deep Blues, Greens, Silvers and Black are joined together to create a delicious and flowing garment that is sure to bring you many Ooh’s and Ahh’s! Embroidered Peacock feathers dance along the front of the opening on one side, while steel blue sequins shimmer on the other. Peacock green stretch lace dart of the back, alongside shimmering metallic florals and delicate black lace. Elegant and dressy enough to wear over a formal dress, or try with our new crushed Skants and Camics for a “modern formal” look. Also lightweight and comfortable enough to pair with a tank and jeans. Color:  Navy. Comes in Sizes 1, 2 and 3.