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The Iris Duster is one of our most well loved styles. The beautiful botanically detailed embroidery of iris buds and blooms with fantasy swirls at the bottom, was created by us and is exclusive to Lee Andersen.

The embroidery has nine different colors of silken threads and tiny beads for details.

The Iris Duster looks great over black but don’t be shy about putting it over other colors. The ‘cut outs’ in the embroidery and the see-through mixed black laces in the skirt allow whatever color is underneath to show through, connecting the colors into a cohesive whole.

For Fall and Holiday try dark rose red, burgundy dark purples, plums, dark teals, olive and navy.

For Spring and Summer try leafy greens, sage, tans and taupes and light purples.

The bodice and sleeves are black hand-crushed rayon and the float style body is made up of multiple layers of different black light weight textures, some of them see through.

The cuffs of the 3/4 sleeves are a soft navy-purple burnout velvet with three dimensional flocked velvet flowers as decorations.

The Purple Iris duster travels well. Twist it gently and lay it around the edge of your suitcase.

CARE: Dry clean. Remind the cleaner NOT to press out the crinkles in the body.

Please do NOT use a hot iron on the collar. The iridescent background for the beautiful iris embroidery is heat sensitive. If you simply must press it (e.g it got dragged by your dog through the mud, and you threw it in the washing machine with your eyes shut) – use a damp cloth over the top of the collar and press through the cloth – thanks!

Iris Duster