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As I understand it from my Alien inside Lee's Head perspective, in human movies, 'Bra Removal' is portrayed as a lead up to the act of sexual interaction followed by the words "Oh God".

In Lee's world the bra removal ritual also involves an invocation of God.

It takes place in the evening. The rapid removal of the bra is performed under the outer layer of clothes through a contortionist act. This is followed by a flinging motion with the bra, and the words, "Thank God".

A bra is then put on the following morning with the combination of twisting and an upside down maneuvering where the boobs are jiggled into a closer and higher position.

That evening, the bra removal ritual occurs again.

The 'burn the bra movement in the sixties' indicates this ritual is at least 50 years old.

Lee is thinking about designing a collection of clothing that will provide support for the boobs without the bra contraption.

She will make this 'nobra' collection available under her ZooLOLogy label. ZooLOLogy is a Latin word meaning 'the study of animals lolling about in a relaxed fashion'. The LOL or 'laugh out loud' is an expression of happiness.

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