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Please allow me to introduce myself…

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Blogs are a big deal on the planet Earth in the year 2018.

I have been required to start a blog as part of my sojourn here. I learned English from BBC TV shows. I hope you can understand me?

Here is a picture of me. I have orange fluff on my head and a lovely cream hat. The closest human pronunciation of my name is ‘eggspurt’. Humans like to know the derivation of their given names. Mine comes from the Latsonian word, ‘ex-pert’, meaning ‘a deflated person with egg on their face’.

I am currently studying a human female by living inside her brain. Her name is Lee Andersen.

She lives in the state of Maryland, United States of America, on the Planet Earth. She grew up in New Zealand. New Zealand faces the Milky Way.

Aliens usually arrive on Earth by landing in New Zealand first. Lots of New Zealanders already have aliens living in their brains so I was happy to select one that travelled to a different country.   

Lee’s day job is to design and make clothing for about 500 boutiques around the USA. Her weekend job is to work with artists creating ‘Sculpture on the Human Form’ for an organization called ManneqART. ManneqART is a combination of the word Manic and Mannequin.

Lee Andersen also has orange hair on her head, which is why I chose her. She has lovely grey bits that grow out of her skull. She carefully paints these grey bits with orange paint every few weeks.  I understand from her thoughts that this activity is to make herself appear younger than

her 62 years.

Hers is the only brain I have occupied, so far.

Credit: Hat created by artist Stacy Levy for ManneqART 2015

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