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“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”. I get quite a high floating in the endorphins that flow in Lee’s brain when she looks at, and fondles, buttons.

Lee’s favorite (and mine now) are the glowing shimmering multi colored dichroic glass buttons made by an artist in Pennsylvania. They combine new technology paired with an ancient human craft. NASA discovered that the very high temperatures changed the colors on the tiles protecting the shuttle blasting through the atmosphere. .. or at least that is Lee’s understanding.

Her next favorite button is the ammonite fossils from a mountain in Morocco. These fossils were deposited there 50 million years ago when the mountain was under the ocean. They were originally living creatures.

Chunks of Amethyst are right up there in our favorites list. Photos transferred onto wood and then carved and burned are also rather fun. Delicious glazes created by a couple in Baltimore to wipe across their textured hand formed buttons. Ceramic beads from the porcelain under the coffee plantation that showed up in the film ‘Out of Africa’. Sawed in half, and polished Walnut shells…

So many! And more to discover and create…. I may have to go into therapy.

See some beautiful glass buttons on our dusters

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