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EGGSPURT on Lee’s Day today.

A Day in the Life of Lee Andersen

5 am: Not usually awake but this morning the brain we share was very active and flooded with ideas. It woke her early. She got up for warm milk and wrote notes on a new ‘show’ she is developing for corporate events using some aspects of ManneqART and some theater comedy. Characters include S.U.V. Gogh who is a portrait painter, and a magician who uses a newly developed but untested product ‘Elasticine’ to make his assistant bend. She is a contortionist and has a body suit made of stretchy pantyhose.

8.30 am: A discussion with her husband Al over breakfast. Subject: How to build a movable set for the new Toby’s Dinner Theater Production ‘Magic Under Glass’. How to connect two sets of Stairs and a Door. One side is a view of a parlor with a Persian rug going up the stairs. The other side is a Magic Tree with boulders and old roots trailing down. The boulders are hiding a door for the Automaton to be reborn as a real Fairy Prince. The whole thing turns on wheels.

9 a.m. At work. Answered emails. One from Liz Dorton visiting from England who is a costume designer for stilt walkers, and giant puppets among other things. Confirmed she is visiting again on Thursday to ‘play’ with Lee.

9.30 am: Working on designing the new Resort and Holiday Collection, on and off all day. The first sales rep is getting the samples next Monday.

10 am: Discussion on production for Fall Coats and Sweaters, and current deliveries.

11.30 a.m. A previous staff person drops in for a visit.

12.15: Al is back from Home Depot and staring to work on the stairs.

12.30 A person walks in looking for work. They have worked here before but they speak a language Lee currently does not have good support for, and will need some help.

1 pm: What looks like a tour group wanders in to the ManneqART Museum, but it turns out to be an extended family with a lovely mother hen.

1.30 Toby from Toby’s Dinner Theater visits for an update on the six spirits, the four tree people and a main character with skulls and skeletons called The Queen of the Longest Night. Discussion on the ManneqART Show and the new comedy one in development for casinos and corporate events.

1.30 Kim Cross from Faerie Magazine stops in with the organizers of the Faerie Festival in Spoutwood PA to discuss bringing the event to the Chrysalis in Merriweather Park in Columbia. Lee is creating a rain coat for the Chrysalis and an ‘ARTshade’ for the audience to come off the two story Sculpture. She is working with ARUP the engineering company who built the Sydney Opera House. They also built the Chrysalis.

2.45 A Model from a show over the weekend stops in to pick up some left behind items. The event was the graduation runway show for the Sew Fabulous Sewing School in Baltimore. They had 30 young people with their 30 models and 200 audience all over the building on the weekend.

3 pm: hasn’t happened yet.


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