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I am very happy! Lee’s brain is juicy with endorphins. Today Lee has been working with Toby Orenstein of Toby’s Dinner Theater in Columbia, Maryland, for a new show called Magic Under Glass. One of the characters Lee is dressing for the show is ‘The Queen of the Longest Night’ who has power over the Spirit World. The actress, Emily Smith, came for a fitting this morning. She will be on painter’s stilts to make her over 7 feet tall to contrast with the heroine Namira, who is all of 5 feet. The queen has a huge gold green metallic halo with skeleton hands forming the rays coming out from it. Her 3 foot wide collar/shoulder piece is thick wired foam. The bodice is black leather with more skeleton hands as the rib cage. The jacquard magenta and black hoop skirt allows the singer/actress to move without stepping on the skirt with her stilts.

Two of Lee’s helpers are young students at the Maryland Fashion Institute. They wanted photos with Toby. Toby’s has trained more actors and actresses that have gone on to Broadway and film careers than any other Community Theater in the US.

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