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So how did the color wheel get laid out for humans in the first place? This is my understanding. The color wheel, as you all use it, is only for human eyes. Other animals on your planet do not see color as you humans do. And color for television screens are their own thing. Don’t get me started! Actually, I take that back… please add your knowledge in your response to this blog…. So back to the human color wheel… If humans look at a bright red spot on the wall for a full minute and then you close your eyes, you see a green spot on the inside of your eyelids. That human quirk establishes the complement which is positioned on the opposite side of the color wheel. A complement is not the same as a compliment. An example of a compl-i-ment is ‘you look nice today’. I learned this from Lee’s brain. I find it useful to remember Comp-LEE-ment when you are referring to this mathematical relationship and human physiology.

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