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From the perspective provided by being inside Lee’s brain, I have developed two different views on drawing attention to oneself. It is a somewhat complex issue for shy people who need to network for the success of their business or non-profit. It is less complex for those who enjoy interacting with others and replenish their energy by doing so. These two types of people are conveniently categorized as Introverts and Extroverts. From being inside Lee’s brain I am aware she is actually an introvert but exhibits quite alarming extroverted tendencies with her friends. It was the exercise of having to ‘meet people’ for the benefit of the ManneqART Museum project that helped her understand that wearing her own ‘Lee Andersen’ clothing actually had a benefit, outside of just providing pleasure to those looking at the clothes. If Lee wears one of her own garments, people approached her to ask her where she got it. She does not have to think of a way to break the ice. Passive networking! Lee is not actually shy. It is just not a pleasure for her to be ‘looked at’. She gets more pleasure from reading and gardening, and most of all from problem solving and creating. She likes to be listened to however. In fact, she quite insists on it sometimes! She enjoys coming up with creative solutions to solve other people’s problems. That, in itself, is not really a problem. The actual problem is she believes they should follow her suggestions. At some point she will mature. After all she is only 62, quite young for an alien.

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