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Emotions of Color

learned pure clear RED is the color of power from listening to the BBC on my way here. It is also the color of 'confidence, passion and a love of life'. It holds the promise of risk taking, energy and success. Red lips imply readiness for sex. 'Seeing Red' is an expression of rage.

Red is the color of oxygenated human blood, warm blooded mammals and.... you thought I was going to tell you the color of my blood?

Maybe later when I get to know you better.

So you want to wear red but what color red should you choose?

I dug around in Lee's head looking for the answer. This is what I found in the part that just held the emotional messages in color. I didn't look in the parts of her brain that hold her opinions on colors for different skin undertones. Another blog?

Lee's brain is quite orderly once you find the section you are looking for. She is an artist by self definition and has been mixing paints for 60 years. I found color information in that section.There were notes added about emotion.

A dark cool red is a red with some black or navy added to it. It implies a steadiness and the thoughtful use of power. Navy is the color of bankers and authority figures.

A pure clear red implies pure energy and unbridled passion... as in a horse running free across open country with no bridle.

A warm red with some gold added to it implies a warmer personality and the uninhibited joy that comes from the sun shining on life.

Add pale yellow to red to make oranges and peaches and apricot. Now we are in 'huggy' and 'acceptance' territory.

Add white to red to make pinks, and we are all the way to gentleness and passiveness.

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