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April 23rd 2018 I am barely holding on inside Lee’s head. It is a whirlwind in here!

Monday morning she set up ManneqART artworks in the lobby of the Centerpoint Apartments to tease the tenants with the new Museum and new Fashion Institute coming to their block.

Monday afternoon, she met with the Heritage Foundation regarding applying for funding to create a tour of the Fashion Industry in Baltimore.

Monday night she had her committee meeting with the Maryland Fashion Institute at The Queen’s Ink at Historic Savage Mill. They reviewed the new pamphlet and website at and added ideas for upcoming programs and decided on the screen printing company Nightmare Graphics for the location of the next meeting.

Tuesday morning at 8 am she met in Baltimore with plumbers, builders and architects to move along on the building plans for the new ManneqART Museum.

At 11, she was back at her factory and design studio. She met with Toby from Toby’s dinner theater to sketch out the first ideas for costumes for a new play called Magic Under Glass. They need a Queen of the Longest Night, and an Automaton among other things. The musician and song writer Michael joined them. His head was delicious – I popped in for a quick look. Toby may be 80 years old but her head is just as bright and crazy as Lee’s head!

That night Lee read the first half of the young adult book on which the play is based.

Wednesday at 9 she met with the Downtown Partnership and Bruce, her new landlord in Baltimore at the Centerpoint Apartment to settle on the funding for the museum and to work on the next phase which includes .

At 11 she meet with the Public Art group in Old Ellicott City about a project they have going to put 8 ft water nymphs around their town, each one decorated differently by local artists. They have to work around the restrictions of the Historic Society and still bring new art into the beautiful old historic town. There are three rivers and it has been prone to flooding so they are going to create water nymphs to protect the town! They agreed the nymphs would do the best they could…but it has been flooding for 200 years.

In the afternoon she started laying out the 20 ManneqART posters for around the block – each 3 ft by 4 ft tall. She finished the book in the evening. Quite charming. The screen play and the book are not the same. Next she has to read the screen play and listen to the music and songs.

Thursday morning opened with a phone call from her current real-estate broker regarding her current lease in Laurel being extended 6 months so she can complete her Fall production before moving everything into Baltimore. Phew! Tatiana continued laying out the posters while Lee got quotes for printing them.

This afternoon she is meeting with the Light Artist who will be lighting up the front of 322 W Baltimore street, the new Museum address.

Thursday evening she is learning how to use a water jet to cut metal so she can cut out the 26 foot copper mermaid which will be the signage for the Maryland Fashion Institute.

Friday evening she has the Lady Doctors coming to the Factory Store and Museum for a charitable event to raise money for the Doctor’s Hospital in Prince Georges County.

Saturday she has a Girls luncheon with her sister in law’s and nieces. She has a photoshoot with models in the afternoon for her new clothing line called The LeeBra. The support is built into the colorful designs through clever pattern making. Sunday she has another charity event for the Doctor’s Hospital her at her studio.

She is not doing so well on her day job right now, but she is working on the new collection. Al, her husband has my sympathy. I tried popping into his head but it was awash in stress hormones! It has settled now Lee and Al have their lease for the next six months while the build-out takes place.

Al owes Lee $200. He lost the bet that she wouldn’t be able to juggle everything! She is taking him to a lovely dinner with the money! I will enjoy that. I do love a good taste sensation. I wish she could drink wine. She gets headaches which I do not enjoy! I may have to pop into Al’s head while he has a nice Burgundy.

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