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As an alien with lovely yellow glossy spots of egg on my face I do naturally love the color yellow Yellow, as a color to wear, goes in and out of popularity in the US. It is most popular as a color for spring weddings. Lee designed a lovely Daffodil Jacket and she also has a dupioni silk color she calls ‘corn’. It is the color of optimism and cheer. It is the color of the brave first flowers of the spring season. It seems rather fitting for a wedding!

So why do Americans shy away from yellow?

According to Lee, white is the most powerful of all colors for the human eye. It is only weakened by being in a white environment. Yellow is the next brightest color after white. Wearing yellow makes you stand out in a crowd. Lee recommends dressing your kids in yellow when you go into a busy environment. You will be able to find them!

Lee also said, a yellow reflection directly up into the face of someone with a green or sallow skin tone can make them appear unhealthy. This effect goes away if the person is wearing a shell in the color that is good for their skin tone, like a warm peach. They can still wear a yellow jacket and skirt or pants.

Red is consider a ‘power color’ because of its reference to life giving blood. Red is not actually the most powerful color visually. A yellow car driving down the road is safest statistically.

I have decided after I get a closet and have filled it up with yummy clothes and accessories, I will get a bright yellow car. I will look good in a yellow car. I did try holding a buttercup under my chin and the reflection was a bright yellow, so apparently, I also love butter. I will fill my bright yellow car with butter. Just the thought of it makes me happy.

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