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Story Vest

$128.00 Regular Price
$64.00Sale Price
  • When you’re looking to add a little flash to your wardrobe, this is the piece to do it! This creative piece uses the reverse side of the stretch jacquard to bring pattern and a slim silhouette to the party. 

    By using the dark ‘reverse’ side on the outer part of the body and the lighter ‘outside’ as the collar, this vest draws your eye to the center of the body. This gives an overall slimmer and taller line to the body.
    Even better? There’s a pocket big enough for a cellphone!

    Wear this vest over a white short-sleeve tee for a hot Summer day. Alternatively, wear it over a long-sleeve black tee or plain turtleneck for a warmer, transition feel later in the season.

    And it's reversible!