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Hand knit in Bolivia. 
One of a kind Sweaters using a multitude of alpaca, cotton, chenille and metallic thread.

Before coming to the United States in 1989, Lee Andersen was a well known New Zealand knitwear designer. Lee has written five books on knitting and design and has toured the U.S teaching knitting and other creativity skills. 


In New Zealand, Lee would design the sweaters, select the yarns and send "kits" to be made by skilled knitters living all over the country.  Her designs were always one of a kind and sold for upwards of $1000. They were featured on Good Morning America when the cast visited New Zealand in the 1980's. Some of her designs are displayed in Ti Papa, the NZ national museum, in Wellington.   


When Lee moved to the U.S., she designed this collection and sent them to Bolivia to be hand-knitted. Made of alpaca wool, these sweaters are true collectors items. If you love the feel and fit of a traditional wool sweater, you'll love having a knitted Lee Andersen pullover, tunic or cardigan in your wardrobe. 

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