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In the news section of Lee's head I found references to studies done on the physiology of color. Weight lifters looking at a pale pink wall were supposed unable to lift their usual weights.

Violent prisoners in a pale room were calmer and their pulse rate dropped.

I also found the following information in Lee's head.

A warm pink implies new, young, healthy and slightly useless. Pinky finger is the name for the smallest, least useful finger, and if this finger is decorated or raised, this implies an effete nature or the desire to appear well mannered.

A cool pink is one with blue added. Mauve looks delicately regal on a grey haired female or male with pale skin.

It says, 'don't touch me, I might break'. Add a little steel blue to the outfit and it tells a different story. It now says, 'this delicate old lady has a backbone of steel and she is an observer'.

I am an observer. I think I will get a lilac diaper as my first fashion accessory!

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