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According to the dusty recesses of Lee’s mind, early societies on the planet Earth named three colors first. Black, white and red. She thinks this is because the arrival of the light in the morning, and the safety that came with it, was very important. The first use of the word would have been something like, “Yippee, here comes the ‘loooo’” And at night the words would have been. ‘Hurry up and get back inside the cave, here comes the ‘nuggg’

The next color named was probably a form of ‘red’ for blood and danger and pain. The words would have been something like “he has a lot of rrrrrd on him – he is probably going to die.

Some societies have lots of quite specialized color names. English has thousands of color names.

Forever, black and white will be a very powerful combination for clothes, and a splash of red paint or dye brings all the impact of life and death with it. Red dresses are a life affirming statement. Red shoes I will get to later!

The red color initially encompassed orange and yellow. The next name encompassed blues and green so it covered the ocean and the trees.

I noticed, when I first arrived in New Zealand from the milky-way galaxy, the New Zealand Maori language has a name for leg but not for ankle or knee.

My society has many names for colors. The first color named in our early society was the human equivalent of cream and the next name was the equivalent of yellow. I think it might be to do with our birthing rituals. First comes the egghead then the yolk… that was a yolk!

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