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Lee’s head is stuffed this week. I have to keep moving around inside her brain as she gets headaches and her sinuses are swollen. When she sneezes I grab hold of a synapse and wrap my arms and legs around it while the gale blows!

Lee is in her garden more than usual while the plants are in a new part of their growth cycle. She chooses between what she calls weeds and plants with only a few variations in the leaf shapes to distinguish among them. She digs up one and chats away to the other with encouraging words and little caresses. My understanding is the weeds don’t produce enough flowers to justify their space and care.

Plants are like human, she assures me.

Rocky ground does not make for robust growth but the hardiest plants hold on there. The fluffiest, showiest flowers last the shortest amount of time and require the greatest amount of effort on the part of others.

The trees viewed from above are like hairs on the skin of the planet. Parts of some continents have a full beard and other are bald.

She claims to have been ‘pollinized’ but is not planning on giving birth to a plant any time soon. Apparently yellow pollen is currently abundant in the air and falls upon humans both with and without issue. Lee assures me ‘issue’ being another word for problem and also children.

If she starts to grow green tendrils out of her ears I will let you know!

Gif credit: Google Images, Simpsons

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