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As you know from my previous missives, Lee has been grumpy about bras for some time.

Every night when she gets home from work she uses special words while she wriggles out of her bra without taking off her clothes. This is, apparently a common activity for women as they are all part contortionists. I am now able to define these special words she uses while wriggling out of her bra, as Adult Words. These are words she has told her grandchildren not to use until they are adults.

I have received mixed messages on Bras. Some stores at the Mall have pictures of females looking blissfully happy wearing this pretty accessory. Looking at the pictures I would want a bra myself. The few male minds I have been inside when they look at these pictures seem to be very focused on how to get the bra off the female. Do they want it for themselves? Do males have collections of bras that they use for some sort of score keeping or do they wear them at home? I plan to start my own bra collection as soon as I get a closet and a yellow car.

Every one of Lee’s friends sigh with relief when she tells them she is designing new dresses and tunics that eliminate the need to wear a bra. Her friends are also clear that they still need some support for their ‘booby parts, the girls, the puppies…’. There are many names for these fleshy bits. There are usually two booby bits but not always. Each one of her friends also decries the influence of gravity and the sad state of their hanging boobs, and longingly reference a time when they were so much younger and didn’t need to wear any support at all.

Lee has solved this problem. Her designs don’t have hooks and eyes, or thin straps that cut into the shoulders. They provide support through the special shaped pieces of stretch fabric and the clever double layering that keep all the seams in between for comfort against the skin. The seamstresses have been trained on which fabric to pull and which fabric to push while they are sewing. Each style has multiple ways of tying the soft jersey knit straps so they can fit a tall or short female, or one with slim or wide shoulders and chests.

The LeeBRA logo for the collection started as a drawing of round boobs which turned into free butterflies.

Lee wants boobs to feel free.

She is working on a song about this. It will be unbelievable bad and I will cringe in her head while she sings it using all the air in her lungs and no talent what so ever!

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