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(Written for Eggspurt by Beth M after her visit to the ManneqART Museum.) A visitor walked in today and, when she saw the ManneqART Museum project, her brain went incandescent and I could not resist hopping into her mind. Delicious endorphins rushed in as she drank in the rich colors of the costumes and the creativity, the sly wit, and the humor behind them. There were costumes made out of playing cards, silk flowers, plastic hoses, melted plastic bags, heavy wire armatures, and paper mache. Her mind wobbled -- and I almost fell out -- when it dawned on her what she could create: cloaks of silk flowers, vests of tree bark or seaweed, skirts of feathery strips of fabric layered and cut to swirl. What if you didn’t have to worry about what your creation surviving a trip through the washing machine? What if you had the liberty to just create? I felt her mind floating upwards, mental chains falling away, chains she never realized she was wearing. A voice called out, encouraging her to make a costume and enter the ManneqART competition and the visitor replied that she could not possibly do that, but I knew that she was only half listening and answered out of habit. I saw a spark had been lit. It was the spark of freedom -- something these beings hold very dear, bless their hearts.

To enter ManneqART visit:

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